Woman standing next to an easel showing a watercolor painting to viewers
Embrace the Artistry

Artisan 4100 Collection

Imagine living in an art gallery. This can be your life at Artisan 4100. Throughout the community local artists display paintings, sculptures, and mixed media collections for you to enjoy as part of your living experience. This truly unique atmosphere can surprise you every day and welcomes you home.

"Kaminari" by Laurel Lukaszewski
Laurel Lukaszewski
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"Trashformative" by Erwin Timmers
Erwin Timmers
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"Meandering" by Valerie Theberge
Valerie Theberge
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"Indigo's Friends" by Imani W. Russel
Imani W. Russell
Indigo's Friends
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"These Are Not The Roads You Knew Me By," Margaret Boozer
Margaret Boozer
These Are Not The Roads You Knew Me By
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"Window" by Shahin Talishkahn
Shahin Talishkahn
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"Foil" by Patrick Craig
Patrick Craig
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"The Expanse" by Jordann Wine
Jordann Wine
The Expanse
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"Reflection" by Ellyn Weiss
Ellyn Weiss
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Large Vessel, Jug with Bolts, Large Bowl, Large Jar, Vessel, and Stein by Joe Hicks
Joe Hicks
Large Vessel, Jug with Bolts, Large Bowl, Large Jar, Vessel, and Stein
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"Circle Eternal" by Clare Winslow
Clare Winslow
Circle Eternal
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"From the Inside Out" by Jodi Ferrier
Jodi Ferrier
From the Inside Out
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"Blue Manifesto & Golden Manifesto" by Tom Hill
Tom Hill
Blue Manifesto & Golden Manifesto
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"New Growth, New Beginnings" by Janis Goodman
Janis Goodman
New Growth, New Beginnings
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"First Light" by Katie Dell Kaufman
Katie Dell Kaufman
First Light
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"Migrant Series #3" by Alonzo Davis
Alonzo Davis
Migrant Series #3
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"Floral Abstraction" by Valerie Watson
Valerie Watson
Floral Abstraction
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"Taking Root" by Laurie Breen
Laurie Breen
Taking Root
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"Turtle Soup" by Gary Irby
Gary Irby
Turtle Soup
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Vessel by Katie Burke
Katie Burke
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"Basket of Jewels" by Noram (Jean) Brooks
Norma (Jean) Brooks
Basket of Jewels
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"Casserole" by Daniel Christie
Daniel Christie
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"Lava Field Moss" by Beth Hess
Beth Hess
Lava Field Moss
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"Blue Crystal Vase #17" by Roberto Devers
Roberto Devers
Blue Crystal Vase #17
"Space Jar" by Margaret Flaherty
Margaret Flaherty
Space Jar
A collage of mosaics made by Arts on the Block
Arts on the Block
Wave, Chrysanthemum, Rose, and Pinecone
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Vessel by J. Hamilton
J. Hamilton
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Grey Serving Bowl by R. Pazimo
R. Pazimo
Grey Serving Bowl
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Art by K. Arrington
K. Arrington
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Iron Saturate Vessel by Liz Lescault
Liz Lescault
Iron Saturate Vessel
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Vessel by Priya Vadhyar
Priya Vadhyar
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"Forest Guardian" by Emma JoJo
Emma JoJo
Forest Guardian
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"Gias Ear" by Alice Kresse
Alice Kresse
Gias Ear
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"All That Is Steel Melts Into Air" by Chris Bohner
Chris Bohner
All That Is Steel Melts Into Air
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