Hallway filled with paintings at Portico Gallery and Studios
Embrace the Artistry

Gateway Arts District

You now have a unique opportunity to participate in an exciting and dynamic community of artists, artisans, chefs, patrons, art lovers and explorers. Located in the middle of the Gateway Arts District, Artisan 4100 is at the center of an active community brimming with creativity, energy and ideas.

As the largest Arts District in the DelMarVa region, the Gateway Arts District provides you with access to incredible depth and variety of artistic expression and encompasses working musicians, artists, performers and venues. This center of creativity and energy produces some of the most innovative, exciting and inspiring work on the East Coast. And you will be in the center of it all.

The Gateway Arts District is also more than a focal point for art activities of all types. The area has some of the best locations for socializing, entertaining, dining, and shopping. And while it has the richness and diversity of the metropolitan region, the area retains at its core the heart of the four small towns it encompasses.

Explore your neighborhood, take some classes and experience everything the Gateway Arts District has to offer.